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About the Author - Designer

I was born and raised in New Jersey. I married and had 3 wonderful kids. Years later, I moved to Georgia for a new beginning.

Life has been an adventure and I am grateful to walk hand

in hand with God. I have always had a desire to cook. I am very

much a people person and I'm sure that's why I enjoy cooking and entertaining. My book "For Two" is the 1st cookbook

but more to come. This book is for anyone that wants to make something quick and easy to eat without  a lot of leftovers.

I also love to be creative. I think I was born with a creative spirit. Sewing, crafting and designing jewelry is some of the fun things I enjoy. I can sit for hours creating custom pieces. I love the fact that I only make 1 of a kind. My small business is both rewarding and heart fulfilling and I enjoy every moment that I am creating.

I'm a proud Grandma!

I am blessed to have 4 wonderful grandkids in my life. Zachary, Xavier, Zion and Alicia.

They are my lifeline. When they are here, my house is loud, messy, fun, crazy, exciting and joyful and I love every minute. Zachary lives here in Georgia so I get to see him. The others live in Maryland and I have frequent flyer

This picture was taken in 2013.

My Grands are my lifeline...including  my granddog Bailey

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